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UMEZAWA Kazuo (umezawakazuo)

Photograph of the face of UMEZAWA Kazuo

Position, job title, main post
Department of Molecular Target Medicine Screening, Professor
Specialized field Biochemistry
Cell biology
Pharmaceutical development
Main charge Lecture Basic Medicine seminar
Native place University University of Tokyo department of science (1969)
The last educational background Massachusetts Institute of Technology Graduate School (1973)
Brief Biography
(the main office)
Inst. of Medical Sci., The Univ. of Tokyo (from April, 1977 to March, 1987)
Institute of Microbial Chemistry (from April, 1987 to March, 1989)
Keio University department of science and engineering (from April, 1989 to March, 2012)
Study abroad experience Massachusetts Institute of Technology (the United States) (1969 through 1973)
Oxford University (the U.K.) (1973 through 1976)
Brown University (the United States) (from August, 1997 to December, 1997)
Main society activity Japanese cancer molecules target treatment society
Japanese cancer society
Japanese chemical biology society
Main research theme Search of small molecule signal transmission inhibitor and molecular design
Mechanism analysis of disease using signal transmission inhibitor
Development of anti-inflammatory, anticancer drug working by new mechanism
Self-introduction I majored in organic chemistry in University and Graduate School and acquired Academic Degree. We entered Oxford medical school and we learned medicine and graduated as bachelor afterwards. Therefore we study for the purpose of "pharmaceutical development to act by new mechanism for intractable disease" that both fields are useful. We do not have the toxicity and find NF-kappa B inhibitor controlling many disease models and, from result of much animal experiment using it, propose importance of intraabdominal NF-kappa B in disease.
Hobby Watching baseball (of course fan of Dragons)
Ski (as for the sports to be possible like person only as for this)

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